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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Persian Cat Food

Best Food for Persian Cats

Persian Cats Diet

Special Food for Persian Cats and Persian Kittens

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Nowadays there are so many pet products available hence a pet owner should be careful about what quality products they are purchasing for their pets. One is required to be all the more careful when buying a Persian cat’s diet food items…

There are many types of diets available for Persian cats and owners generally have a specific type of food they prefer to give to their pet cats. The list of the common foods for a Persian is as follows

•    Chicken
•    Raw meat
•    Partially raw diet
•    Cat meat
•    Cat biscuits

The governing factor to a Persian cat’s health is a stable and suitable diet since this breed of cats is slightly more sensitive towards food as compared to other cats. Persian cats generally also require more vitamins in comparison to other cats, and if needed you can purchase supplements from animal stores, however if provided with a balanced diet that consists of an adequate amount of vitamins the supplements would not be required.

Feeding Kittens
The type of food and its quality is also dependent upon the age of your Persian cat. It is recommended that Persian cats of a month old to two months be fed milk designed specifically for kittens. Then as the kitten grows to 4 months up till it reaches 12 months you should start feeding it soft foods such as chicken and food enriched with vitamins to ensure a healthy growth of the kitten.
There should be optimal nutrition so that from the start you can help your Persian build up a strong and healthy immune system, which would then in turn support your pet’s natural defenses against the negative effects of aging & illness that might threaten your pet and also against any physical and environmental stress.

Rotation diet
Then as your Persian grows to a year old up until it reaches the age of ten the preferred diet should include Royal Canin Adult Persian cat foods that are designed for Persian cats specifically. Generally what pet owners tend to do is feed their pets the same diet everyday, and if by chance there is some unhealthy factor with the source of your pets’ food then it will be unavoidable for your pet not to fall sick. For this reason a system of rotation diet is recommended for your pet.

Diet & Common Health Problems
This regimen can play a vital role in helping your pet build a stronger and healthier immune system. If the diet is not correct then the Persian cat is susceptible to develop certain health problems. The most commonly found health problems in Persian cats include food intolerance, allergies, diabetes, digestive problems and especially obesity since Persian cats are not at all as active as compared to cats of a different breed. Hence Persian cats need a balanced and carefully weighed diet. Human food is highly likely to lead the cats to becoming obese which can then in turn lead to various health problems and then can eventually cause the death of your cat.

Persian Cat Diet Supplements
If the cat’s diet is well supervised and the quality as well as the quantity is well regulated and your cat manages to live up to 10 years of age then it is recommended that you feed your cat a mixed diet, consisting of Royal Canin anti age and skin re-generation supplements. Another very important vitamin that a Persian cat needs is vitamin B, since it helps in maintaining a healthy coat.

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