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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pet Insurance - Cat Insurance

Cats are known for their independence and curiosity. However, they’re nature can sometimes get them in trouble. That’s why it’s vital for pet owners to have sufficiently strong cat insurance protecting their beloved pet and themselves. There are many cat insurance providers online and pet owners without cat insurance should search the internet for a cheap cat insurance quote.

What does cat insurance cover? Perhaps most importantly, emergency vet fees, which can be substantial, particularly if a long course of treatment is needed. While cat insurance doesn’t cover standard vet appointments for routine check-ups, it will cover emergency treatment needed should your cat fall ill or be injured.

The exact cash amount cat insurance covers for emergency treatment differs between providers. Pet owners must be careful when purchasing and be sure to secure a policy that provides a substantial cash amount. Cats may have nine lives, but as they work their way through them the vet bills can mount up.

Of course, cat owners often need medical attention too. Long hospital stays are never enjoyable, but they are less so if the cat owner has nobody to look after their pet while they’re away. The best cat insurance covers the costs of boarding for the cat should the owner be absent for consecutive days.

Cats are too cuddly to be described as being a liability, but it pays for the pet owner to have liability insurance included in the cat insurance policy. The inquisitive character of a cat can easily lead to issues with others. For example, if a cat makes a meal of a neighbour’s pet hamster or bird, or causes a cyclist to swerve, fall and injure themselves.

In such cases legal, medical or repairs fees can cost the cat’s owner quite a bit of money. Liability insurance will cover a part or all of the costs, so including it with the cat insurance is a wise move to avoid feline related financial troubles.

Sometimes a cat is unlucky enough to use up its nine lives before its ninth birthday, succumbing to illness, accident or simply being stolen. Many cat insurance policies will pay money toward the purchase price of the pet should any of these sad events occur.


  1. Buying a pet insurance for your cat is definitely a wise decision. Pet Insurance not only offers coverage for vet’s fees but also offers you the option of taking out other valuable levels of cover. Taking it out is easy and the benefits are significant.

  2. Andrew,
    You are obviously promoting your pet insurance but what does it really cover. It's all about medical insurance. I does not cover veterinary procedures, surgery, etc.

  3. I just realised we have the same last name :)

  4. Hi Pat...
    Pet insurance covers veterinary bills and emergency costs (costs as theft and during travel). Generally vaccinations and routine treatments are not included but there are exceptions.