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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interesting Facts About Persian Cats

Ten interesting facts about Persian cats

Ref: Persian Kitten Empire - GLOBAL Breeder Directory
#1) Persians were named Persians after what some consider to be their "country of origin" (Persia). When and where they first appeared can even be dated back to the hieroglyphics age of 1684 B.C. Ah- the
mysterious Persian! Persians were smuggled along with spices and jewels out of Persia and considered contraband. Is it any wonder why these felines love to be pampered? Surrounded by exotic spices, food, and jewels?

#2)  In North America, Persians are considered the most popular breed. They are indeed my second favorite, second only to the Exotic Short hair breed--, which is basically a short haired Persian! People think they are in ownership of a beautiful cat, but in reality, they are in fact the one(s) being owned. Remember it is reported that Persians are descended from royalty.

#3) Persians have sweet personalities, although every once in a while, a true alpha prima donna will emerge who thinks all other beings on this earth are there to please her (and on the even more rare occasion -him.) Persians are not, in general lap cats. They are more sit -beside -their- person- on- the -couch cats.

#4) Persians have petite but solid boned legs to support their wide diminutive bodies. Liking their feet firmly planted on the ground makes for Persians to be more on the ground cats than that of the Siamese breed-- climbers and jumpers. Unless jumping or climbing is required to reach you, a friend, seek out trouble, or their favorite resting place, Persians will not typically seek higher ground. They do not have survival instincts therefore; these purr angels are not meant to be outside cats.

#5) Persians come in an amazing array of colors, divided into seven color divisions for purposes of competition in the American Cat Fanciers Association. These colors are solid colors, silver and golden colors, shaded and smoke colors, tabby colors, parti- colors, bi-color, and Himalayan. 

#6) A Persian, under the care of a trusted personal vet married with good nutrition and care, can live with their family for an average of fifteen to twenty years!

#7) Persians that are show quality have long (sometimes overly so- high maintenance grooming is necessary for these babies!) thick coats, stout legs, a broad head with the ears set far apart. They are petite in size, with large round eyes, and a flat face. In other words, they have little to no nose! The more round-headed and flat face a Persian is, the more at risk they are to sinus and upper respiratory problems.

#8) A little known fact about these angelic purr babies is that due to having such flat faces, their teeth deteriorates at a much faster rate than teeth of other breeds. Dental examinations are more of a yearly exam as opposed to when a cat reaches senior status (any time after age 7).

#9) Persians need grooming on a regular basis. A high percentage of Persian cats brought into rescue have matting problems stemmed by as direct result from poor grooming habits. These felines are long haired!!! If they have the cottony coat (like bunny fur) then the grooming will be necessary on a two to three times a week basis to avoid matting. If not daily! If they have the silky coat, matting can still occur, but not quite as often, so grooming once a week is sufficient. Moreover, there are even some Persians with a greasy coat; hence, the maintenance on these coats are the most difficult. These Persians would do best in a lion cut. (Shave the body but not the legs, tails or head and neck area.)

#10)  There are three faces of a Persian cat. The show quality face has the extreme face with little to no break in the nose. (The very flat faced Persians.) The breeder quality face, also known as a doll face, has a bit more of a nose and still has a rounded head. Their ears are typically a smidgen bigger than that of a show quality face. The pet quality can have a more typical cat nose, with a slightly angular face. The eyes can even be somewhat angular as well.

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Ref: Published by Lori Piper


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