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Monday, February 21, 2011

For Cats - It's a Vertical World

--------- For Cats, It's a Vertical World ---------

Posted Fri, May 25, 2007, 10:00 am PDT
You’ve done your best to create a warm and comfortable environment for your cat, but there may be one element that could use some tweaking.
We live in a horizontal world -- but our cats live in a vertical one. They use high, mid, and low levels of the environment for many purposes. In a multi-cat environment, being the cat who can claim the highest perch may help show other felines just who has the higher status. This can help keep peace.

A cat can jump approximately five times her height, so she was born to take advantage of vertical opportunities. Your cat loves to climb and has incredible balance, so why not create cat-friendly vertical areas to keep her away from those off-limits locations such as your kitchen counter or living room bookcase?
Elevated areas are also important in the cat’s environment because it provides her with a visual advantage. She has more warning time to see if an opponent is approaching.
Mid and low levels are important as well for cats who don’t feel as confident taking the highest elevations. The more cats you have, the more levels you need.
By increasing the vertical space in your home, you actually double or triple the size of your cat’s territory without literally increasing the size of your home.
Here are some ways to increase vertical space:
- Cat trees
- Window perches
- Cat beds or pads on furniture
- Tunnels placed behind furniture
(either bought or homemade)
- Elevated walkways
- Hiding places
(on various levels)

As you look around your cat’s environment, I’m sure you’ll find some ways to increase vertical space in a way that will create added comfort and security for your cat and still fit in with your decor. You don’t have to spend lots of money to increase vertical space. What matters most to your cat will be location, stability, and comfort.

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