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Monday, February 21, 2011

Interesting Cat Facts

As it spread eastward, the cat basked in the reflected glory of the tiger, which held symbolic importance in Asia
In the 14th century, the cats' nocturnal habits condemned it as evil in the eyes of the church.
The first members of the modern cat family appeared 20 million years ago. They were light, agile, and varied in sizes between the modern puma at 220 lb and the lynx at 64 lb.
Like mating between the horse and the donkey that produce the sterile mule, the lion and tiger hybrid cannot breed
A cat's tooth from 9000 BC has been found in a settlement site in Jericho, Israel.
Without socialization in kittenhood, even the most selectively bred pedigreed cat given the chance and a little practice, will hunt and defend its territory just like a wildcat.
A kitten's brain is almost fully developed at birth. By seven weeks of age, most areas have matured. Skills are acquired fastest during this development stage.

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